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With WaalaGO Scan & Go, your customers can conveniently scan products using their smartphones and make direct payments within the app. Retailers can boost their revenue through personalized recommendations and real-time marketing content, all while reducing operational costs.

Why WaalaGO Scan & Go App?

Make it yours with our expertise

Our priority is to deliver maximum value for both retailers and shoppers, regardless of the client's implementation. That's why WaalaGO Scan & Go offers complete flexibility, empowering you to customize its functionality and user experience according to your preferences. TheWaala serves as the invisible technology provider, ensuring your brand takes center stage

iOS & Android Native Apps

  • Retailers can integrate expertly engineered WaalaGO application with their existing Billing or ERP system


  • Users can experience WaalaGO from their browser without having to download an application, removing barriers to entry


  • Retailers with their apps can embed our technology, delivering the power of Scan & Go to their existing users

Scan barcodes & NFC

  • Scan any type of barcode (EAN, UPC, QR) on any product. WaalaGO can also scan Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs)

Enriched Product Information

  • Show rich item descriptions, and images for every product. Include multimedia content that answers shoppers' questions

Digital Receipts

  • Reduce paper consumption & increase shopper satisfaction with digital receipts

Enhanced Scanner

Because smoothness matters

We're committed to ensuring that Scan & Go shopping feels intuitive and seamless. That's why we prioritize our scanner, designed to operate effortlessly at any angle and in varying lighting conditions. With crisp, responsive feedback, we aim to reassure customers throughout their shopping experience.

Mobile Payment

Seamless shopping

We provide diverse payment options like credit card, debit card, and UPI, enabling customers to make purchases with just one tap.


Convenient and eco-friendly

After processing the payment, the app automatically generates a digital receipt. Customers can conveniently access their receipts via their user account, containing a comprehensive history of all purchases.

24X7 Shopping App

Engage customers wherever they are

Customers can utilize TheWaala to browse products from the comfort of their own home, providing a convenient means of planning their shopping. They can easily share their lists with friends, family, or partners for collaborative additions. This feature not only offers retailers a direct connection with customers and their personal network but also enables the opportunity for recommending and upselling products based on their curated shopping lists.


Help your customers make better purchase decisions

Recommendations are a great way to drive revenue, and TheWaala enables retailers to increase the average basket size through personalized recommendations. Our recommendations engine uses a wealth of anonymized customer data to provide suggestions as customers make their way through the store.

Product Information

Your personal shopping advisor

When you use TheWaala for shopping, you gain access to your personal shopping advisor right on your device, ready to provide detailed product information whenever you scan an item. With no constraints on length, language, or format, retailers can offer multimedia content to educate customers about their products. Additionally, you have the flexibility to easily add or update information, with all changes automatically reflected across all stores.

For a true omnichannel experience

Integrating TheWaala with your current CRM enables customers to log in using the same account across systems, ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience. Retailers can leverage this cross-channel synergy to deliver even more precise recommendations, enriching the in-store customer experience by suggesting products based on their online history, and vice versa.

Loyalty & Coupons

Retain customers through integrated rewards and offers.

With TheWaala, customers can digitally redeem vouchers and apply discounts prior to payment. The platform seamlessly integrates and manages all ongoing programs and campaigns, including earn-and-redeem loyalty programs, enabling customers to accrue loyalty points within the app and exchange them for discounts. Consolidating all loyalty programs within a single platform assists retailers in clearly communicating their value proposition to customers.

Experience our Scan & Go Demo

Actions speak louder than slides. Request a personalized demo or explore our Scan & Go demo app on the Play Store to experience our features firsthand