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Effective Loss Prevention

Safeguard your business from losses with WaalaGO

Maintain control with WaalaGO

Our comprehensive loss prevention strategy integrates psychological, technological, and human elements. Discover how this trio effectively mitigates risks for your business, empowering you with complete control over the checkout process.

In-Application Tools

Ensuring user expectations are managed effectively stands as a pivotal step in any robust loss prevention strategy. By proactively informing customers about the security protocols implemented, the chances of theft significantly decrease. This can include features such as in-app reminders for potential spot checks. Moreover, physical signage within the store and the presence of dedicated exit hardware further reinforce security measures. Moreover, items in a single basket can be limited to 5 or 10 as per the requirement so as to minimize the risk.

Spot check notification screen in the WaalaGO Scan & Go app
Staff app screen showing a real-time view of all active Scan & Go baskets in the store

Staff Application

We've developed a dedicated app for staffs, recognizing their pivotal role in the Scan & Go process and their importance in protecting the business from shrinkage. Our staff application offers a live view of all current store baskets and recent transactions, providing real-time insights into customer flow. This enables them to swiftly identify Scan & Go customers and baskets with higher risk, enhancing security measures effectively.